About U.S. EcoGen


U.S. EcoGen, LLC ("EcoGen") is the parent company to six (6) subsidiaries, and with offices located in Jupiter, Florida. The Company will develop, finance, construct, own, and operate a portfolio of biomass-fueled electrical generating facilities, timber plantations and biomass recycling centers to be located in the Southeastern United States and certain international markets. The Company’s business model includes the development of biomass-fueled power generation facilities ("Generating Facilities"), which will sell capacity and electrical energy at wholesale to electric utility customers under long-term, competitively priced, Power Purchase Agreements ("PPA").

The biomass fuel supply to EcoGen’s Generating Facilities’ will be provided from clean woody biomass and dedicated, purposely grown, eucalyptus timber plantations ("Plantations"). EcoGen will own or lease the land for the Plantations thereby enhancing fuel procurement security and price stability, on a sustainable basis.

Mission Statement

To build, own and operate one of the nation’s most robust portfolios of electrical generating facilities, fueled by renewable and clean energy resources, powered by proven cutting-edge technologies and managed by a superior utility and agricultural management team.


  • Combine proven electrical generation project development, financing, construction and operations capabilities with vertically integrated Plantations to become the leading clean, sustainable electrical power generator and biomass supplier in the U.S., and one of the leading renewable energy companies in the world.

  • Develop, finance, construct, own and operate a portfolio of Generating Facilities with a minimum of 1,000 MWs of combined electrical capacity by 2025.

  • Establish a reputation with EcoGen’s utility customers as a trusted partner for clean, sustainable electric power generation and biomass fuel supply.

  • Implement a long-term, build-and-hold asset ownership strategy focused on creating value for customers, stakeholders, local communities, employees and the environment.

  • Become a world leader in biomass fuel production and logistics, and a major trader of clean, sustainable electrical power generation, biomass fuel, carbon offsets, environmental attributes and renewable energy credits.

Company Background

EcoGen was formed in 2009 by William F. Quinn, P.E., a seasoned electric utility professional with over 36 years of power generation and electrical transmission experience. Mr. Quinn also brought on board an experienced management team with former ties to Pacific Gas & Electric’s National Energy Group (NYSE: "PCG") ("PG&E"), The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE: "SHAW") ("SHAW") and Bechtel.


Renewable energy currently represents about 13% of the United States’ electric power supply, with biomass providing 8% of the renewable energy resource. In the Southeastern United States, biomass is the predominant renewable energy resource, in part due to the abundance of clean woody biomass supplies in the region. Florida, in particular, trails the rest of the United States with less than 2% of its electrical power generation currently being produced from renewable energy resources. Accordingly, the regional market for biomass fueled electrical power generation is underdeveloped and has the capacity for significant growth in the next several decades.

Electrical Sources

Recent legal and regulatory developments in the United States are expected to significantly increase the demand for power generation produced by biomass and co-firing biomass generating stations.

EcoGen has chosen to focus on the production and utilization of biomass because it is a resource capable of producing clean, sustainable electrical power generation on a 24 hour per day, 7 day a week basis. Based on studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, agriculture and forest resources have the capability to potentially produce at least one billion dry tons of biomass annually in a sustainable manner—enough to displace approximately 30% of the Unites States present petroleum consumption.

Bill Quinn

William F. Quinn, P.E., EcoGen’s President and CEO, leads an experienced team of electric utility and agricultural professionals. Mr. Quinn, a former Vice President for PG&E, managed the company's project development and associated capital investment activities. Mr. Quinn’s experience also includes CEO positions at The SHAW Group, a multinational engineering and construction contractor, Meridian Power Corporation, a power development company, and Argos Utilities Corporation, an electrical transmission and distribution contractor. EcoGen’s management team includes three senior managers from PG&E (the former heads of project finance, operations, and engineering). The core team also includes three senior forest products and agricultural professionals to compliment the deep bench of electric utility professionals.